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We offer gymnastics classes for children of all ages and skill levels, in addition to pre-competitive and competitive teams for USA Gymnastics Xcel program. 


Gym Kids classes for 3 to 4 year olds.   Skill fundamentals are introduced in a fun and innovative curriculum of stations and small circuits to develop coordination,  fine and gross motor skills on age appropriate apparatus: vault, bars, balance beam, floor exercise and Tumbl Trak.

Developmental classes for boys and girls ages 5 and up

Skills and motor developments are taught in a fundamental, logical, progressive manner on all four apparatus: bars, balance, beam, vault and floor exercise.  We also have a 30' Tumbl Trak for learning body control, spatial awareness, and tumbling progressions. The mastery of basic skills leads to increased development and advancement through the levels of the USA Gymnastics Developmental Program.  Consistent participation is recommended for the full benefits of the sport. Our program follows the traditional school year, with opportunities to continue advancing through the summer.  

Rodnastics is a version of parkour, ninja and gymnastics where students learn how to use their surroundings in the gym as an obstacle course.  Students will learn to run, climb, swing, vault, jump, spring and roll safely through obstacle courses while maintaining fluid movement. 

* Pre-Team and Xcel is by evaluation only, contact Ashley Parks for more information.  



Students will learn the fundamentals of cheerleading in a positive, safe, high energy setting.    

Mini Cheer is for students ages 5-7.  Mini Cheer is an introductory class where students will learn beginner cheer technique. body control, motions, jumps, tumbling, stunting, dance and flexibility.    

Junior Cheer is for students ages 8 and up.   Junior cheer combines beginner and intermediate cheer technique, body control, motions, jumps, tumbling, stunting, dance and flexibility.  This class will  help prepare students for a future junior high cheer season or a specific cheer tryout.




We offer dance classes for girls and boys ages 3 to adult.  Dancers who are 3 and 4 years old will enjoy their first dance experience in our Tippy Toes Ballet class.  Kindergarten through third grade dancers will learn both ballet and tap in their combination class.  The focus in the early years is on developing motor skills, creativity, positive social interaction and independent learning through dance and creative movement.  Classes include age appropriate warm-up, stretching, barre, center and across the floor work.  Once dancers are in the 4th grade, lyrical/jazz and clogging classes are leveled based upon skill proficiency and experience.  An emphasis on technique and more complex combinations will be integrated into the curriculum and choreography.    We also offer Hip Hop and Women's Clogging.  All classes perform in a recital at the end of the school year.  


*Dance Company competitive teams are determined by audition held annually in the fall.




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